The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process 1.0 Live Training is a comprehensive, two-day program designed to provide advisors with a comprehensive process for delivering a documented bucket plan in their clients’ best interest.  Advisors will leave with all the information necessary to quick start the implementation and delivery of this unique and comprehensive bucket planning experience for their clients.


After attending this training, you will be able to:

  • Use a proven process that is easy to duplicate and scale
  • Design a customized Bucket Plan for prospects and clients
  • Document why recommendations are in the clients’ best interest
  • Educate clients on key concepts such as the Money Cycle,  Pyramid of Risk, and Sequence of Returns Risk
  • Pursue becoming Bucket Plan Certified (BPC)

Utilizing this proven process with your clients will allow you to:

  • Identify resources accumulated and planning done or not done
  • Identify their key relationships
  • Easily show them gaps in their planning to create the need for solutions
  • Create the need for bucketing
  • Explain The Bucket Plan Philosophy Concept
  • Easily gather all the information needed to create a true holistic plan
  • Quickly determine how much the client will need to draw from liquid investable assets in retirement
  • Identify client’s appetite for volatility in the Soon and Later Buckets separately
  • Simplify the world of investment choices
  • Make designing a customized Bucket Plan easy
  • Sequentially design the Now, Soon, and Later Buckets
  • Simplify work into a packaged plan deliverable


Registration ends April 8


Leading financial planners and industry experts, Dave Alison and Kalem Mackey, will walk you through the entire Bucket Plan process, giving you a straight-forward game plan and invaluable resources to implement right away in your practice.

Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC
President | Founding Partner

Kalem Mackey, CFP®, BPC
EVP of Advanced Planning


Hear from other top financial advisors who attended our Bucket Plan training


“I have never seen processes and procedures so clearly laid out. I am fairly new to the industry,
but I’m sure this is the best and most organized plan out there!”

Laura Browning, Your Secure Retirement, Inc.


"The bucket plan is a scalable method for our firm to grow our assets, train our advisors
and help our clients be successful in their planning efforts. It’s amazing."

Elizabeth Cook, Southern Kentucky Financial Services



"This course was very well organized and presented. The biggest take away was the well outlined bucket plan
process and deliverable. We will immediately implement this into our practice."

Josh Soria, Encompass Financial Planning



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