We look forward to hosting a safe and productive training. While the Covid regulations continue to remain fluid, at this time, we will follow local CDC guidelines.

Currently the city of Charlotte has a face covering requirement in place. Face coverings must be worn in any indoor public place, business, or establishment within the city of Charlotte.

Therefore, masks must be worn at the training. 

We also will have the following:

  • Sanitization stations. We will have sanitization stations throughout the meeting rooms to use at your discretion. Each station will include hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.
  • Personal safety supplies. We will make disposable masks available. 
  • Colored lanyards. We will be implementing a color-coded lanyard system to help indicate to others your contact comfort level. We ask that you select the color that most aligns with your personal situation and ask that you be respectful of other attendees’ preferences as signified by their lanyard color.
    • Green lanyards. You’re comfortable in close contact with others.
    • Yellow lanyards. You’re acceptable of being around others but prefer to forgo the handshakes and hugs.
    • Red lanyards. You would prefer to maintain a distance from others and kindly request those who wish to interact with you to adhere to your preferences for communication style.







Cancellation Policy: In the event of a cancellation prompted by C2P Enterprises, the participant will be notified in writing and via telephone to confirm receipt of the cancellation as soon as practical following the determination of the cancellation. C2P Enterprises will refund participant the registration fee participant paid.  In the event of a participant-induced cancellation, it is requested that the participant advise C2P Enterprises as soon as practical. There will be no refunds in the event of a cancellation unless because of a documented emergency or illness. Substitutions are permitted if submitted in writing (email is acceptable). Phone substitutions are not accepted. Substitutions must be made within seven (7) business days prior to the start of the event.