How do advisors monetize their wisdom, and why is it important to charge planning fees?

The answers are easier than you think!

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It can be confusing to know how, or why, to charge fees for your planning services. You might think you'll lose clients if you charge planning fees, especially if you don’t feel you’re offering something different to your clients.

Hear first-hand from an advisor that has been using a proven process for charging planning fees successfully for years. He's even secured more elite, high-net-worth clients using the process.

The goal of this seminar is to explain the value of providing your clients with a holistic planning process and differentiating yourself from other advisors in a way that makes it easier to charge for your services. The Bucket Plan holistic planning process is a proven, step-by-step process that is easy to follow and easy to replicate, all while acting in the best interest of your clients and their financial futures.

You’ll learn how to implement this process with your own clients and how to charge for the services you provide.

Why is this important?

Many advisors have expertise in only one or two areas of financial planning.

This can leave clients with an incomplete financial plan, not accounting for all the unforeseen events or circumstances their futures may hold.

The Bucket Plan’s holistic approach to financial planning brings advisory services to all the financial planning disciplines, including investments, insurance, social security, healthcare and Medicare, and taxes, ensuring that you’re accounting for all the things that could go wrong… or right.

The Bucket Plan holistic planning process provides clear direction and deliverables that are easy to bundle and to monetize.

Join us for this online live virtual seminar covering Charging Planning Fees on Wednesday, October 14 from 1PM to 2PM Eastern Time. 

By the time we conclude today, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize how to differentiate yourself from transactional advisors
  • Identify how to bundle your services and monetize your wisdom
  • Understand how a drink of water can increase closing ratio
  • Explain why less is more when it comes to a plan deliverable
  • Describe how a 3-hole punch and a binder can help retain dead clients’ money

As a result of our time together, you’ll feel more confident in your knowledge of and ability to charge planning fees for your firm’s services.  


Executive Vice President & Founding Partner
C2P Enterprises


Dave Alison is an accomplished financial planner and entrepreneur with a passion for helping advisors take their business and planning capabilities to the next level.

As Executive Vice President and founding partner of C2P Enterprises, Dave has been responsible for helping bring together the leadership team and driving the enterprise and each underlying company towards its collective vision of simplifying financial planning for 1 billion people worldwide. Dave is engaged across all aspects of the enterprise, with a day to day focus on driving the company’s key growth initiatives, directing the overall corporate strategy, and leading the executive team of the enterprise.Dave has a true unique ability to take vision and turn it into reality. As Jason Smith would say, “I make it up and Dave makes it real.”

In addition to his role at C2P Enterprises, Dave’s capabilities to engineer advanced financial, tax, investment, insurance and estate planning needs into one holistic plan led him to found Alison Wealth Management based in Silicon Valley but serving clients across the United States virtually.