Struggling to find and convert prospects virtually? 

Discover Proven Best Practices to Grow Your Business Virtually

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Great advisors are masters of human interaction. However, as virtual meetings have become the norm, clients have access to advisors from virtually anywhere. 

How can you stay ahead of the competition? Are you prepared to compete in an online environment to find prospects and convert more sales?

Find out the best practices that one of C2P’s top offices has used to thrive in a virtual environment; bringing in their most assets ever last quarter, on their way to $65M in new assets in 2021! 

Join Matt Seitz, EVP of Marketing for C2P Enterprises and CMO of JL Smith, on Thursday, October 14 from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT to learn more about 4 critical steps to closing more sales in a virtual environment:

  1. Fuel your funnel
  2. Fast-track your virtual implementation
  3. Follow a proven virtual sales process
  4. Flip your virtual seminar attendees into clients

Whether you have a set process already, or you’ve been cautious to proceed in an online world, Matt will share best practices for advisors at every level of experience to help drive your growth.

Other C2P advisors implementing these process are now growing so fast that they are having to add new advisors (what a great problem to have!).

You will walk away from this seminar able to:

  • Identify prospecting strategies that attract the right audience
  • Implement the right technology for your comfort level
  • Execute relevant content-marketing strategies right away
  • Apply simple rules for conducting online appointments
  • Simulate the kind of connection clients are used to having in person



Matt Seitz, Executive VP of Marketing


Matt Seitz is the EVP of Marketing at C2P Enterprises and the CMO for JL Smith, an independent retirement planning and wealth management firm. Matt also oversees the sales team at C2P Enterprises. In his role, he has streamlined the sales and marketing funnels, reinforced the brand identities, and implemented content marketing strategies to drive leads into and through the respective sales pipelines.