Who killed Mr. Boddy? Was it Mr. Green in the library with the candlestick? Or was it Mrs. Peacock in the conservatory with the rope?

Join fellow RainMaker Multiplier Division members this December for a virtual, CLUE-themed edition of our biannual Mastermind Collegium. We’ll be playing a version of CLUE throughout the event that will have you interrogating suspects, working in teams and collecting clues to solve the crime. While you use your sleuthing skills to play the game, learn how to hone and apply these same skills in your business to uncover important details about your clients, collaborate with likeminded advisors and discover new ways to decode the mysteries we all face as we grow to new levels of success in holistic financial planning.

Attendees will receive instructions and a surprise box of goodies to help you play the game. 


Spy the Lie

We’ve all told a little white lie every now and then… it’s human nature. But wouldn’t it be nice to uncover hidden details that your clients and staff might not be sharing with you? What if you could detect whether your clients are being truthful about their financial assets, or if they are trying to part ways? What if you could identify if your staff is being dishonest about their day-to-day responsibilities?


Susan Carnicero is on the case! A former security specialist with the CIA with two decades of experience in interviewing, interrogation, and examining polygraphs, Susan will share the most reliable deception indicators to ‘spy the lie.’


The Mystery of Future Tax Planning Legislation

Now that the election is over, what can we expect in terms of tax legislation? How will this affect tax planning with your clients? Super sleuths Dave Alison, Chris Woehrle, and Jamie Hopkins are on the case! Join them for a panel discussion, as they solve the mystery of future tax planning legislation.

Top Advisor Showcase:
Who Can You Trust?... Building COI Relationships that Really Pay Off

For over a decade, Scott Ford’s practice has grown exclusively through referrals, without actually having to ask for one! In this session, Scott will share his 6-step proven process for referral marketing, specifically for Centers of Influence (COIs) and Centers of Influence for your existing client base.


Event sessions will include presentations from top industry leaders, keeping you clued into what’s on the industry’s horizon and helping you deduce the answers to your most pressing concerns.

Session topics will cover:

  • Strategizing your next move: developing a consistent fee schedule for your advisory business
  • Targeting the unusual suspects: getting referrals and their family members
  • Goal setting for 2021: don’t leave yourself hanging  
  • Clueing your clients into LTC insurance
  • Virtual marketing: whodunit… best?
  • Marketing live events: the curious case of getting back to normal


Compete to solve the mystery while also enjoying the same networking opportunities you are used to, including:


  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching – As a group, we’ll discuss the largest obstacles we are facing and which strategies and resources are working best, leveraging our collective knowledge and expertise with each other.
  • Sales Pitch Competition – Looking for new sales techniques? Our sponsors will present their best sales ideas that you can use to grow your business.
  • Prize Wheel – take your chance at winning awesome prizes
  • Virtual Happy Hour – what’s a Mastermind Collegium without drinks? Cheers!




Know another top advisor that would like to attend? If you refer a qualified Rainmaker Multiplier advisor, both you and the advisor attend for FREE! Contact your Business Development Partner for details.