The Mastermind Group is a think-tank and repository of wisdom built upon a collaboration of advisors and mentors. We are united in our business-building objectives to share and grow our companies together. The Mastermind Group enables you to build, automate and enhance your firm to operate efficiently and at a higher level of net profitability. Learn the latest news and most recent innovations designed to further meet these objectives.

Jason Smith, President & CEO | Founder, Clarity 2 Prosperity


Maximizing Your Potential: Secrets for Achieving Peak Performance

It’s no secret; real success is measured both personally and professionally.  This program will provide you with proven strategies and techniques that will enable you to create more joy, satisfaction, and pleasure in your life while quadrupling your income. 

It’s obvious, material success provides us with the freedom to experience more fun. This program sheds light and insights into why fun is, in fact, a critical element in achieving more success.  Fun is both a result and a cause.

You will be facilitated in a process that will allow you to create a compelling vision and learn why Albert Einstein stated, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”  Inspired by your bigger “why,” each day will be infused with more passion and sense of purpose.

You will leave this session with the tools you need to make a quantum leap in your performance in business, while experiencing a deeper, more rewarding and complete personal life.

This fast-paced presentation combines entertaining stories, humor and visual reinforcement with activity-centered learning.  It is based upon Paul Karasik’s PBS National Television Special, If My Heart Could Do My Thinking.  You will be provided with the tools for:

  • Clarifying your ideal life vision personally and professionally 
  • Accelerating success with Future Focus Momentum
  • Achieving consistent results by harnessing the power of “entrainment”
  • Feeling more motivated professionally and personally
  • Expanding your Life is Good Factor
  • Making a quantum leap in your production

Paul Karasik, President, The Financial Advisor Coaching Institute




Help your clients be proactive in their tax planning to take advantage when taxes and stocks are on sale to help their family keep together what has taken them a lifetime to put together.

Dave Buckwald, CEO & Senior Partner, OneTeam Financial


These interactive sessions exemplifiy what the Mastermind Group is all about. Learn from leading advisors as they discuss top and timely ideas.

Making the Connection

You will learn how spending time on your initial interview and really getting to know your client can create almost 100% closing ration and set the foundation for tons of referrals.


John DelGreco, President, The DelGreco Group


Are you Referable?

Branding is more than a logo and a tagline. Every contact with your clients and prospects is a form of branding. In this presentation, Gillespie explains how to successfully attract new clients and referrals by answering these three questions:

1. Why are you the right advisor?

2. What makes you stand out from your competition?

3. What makes you referable?

Gillespie helps you understand the customer journey from a client perspective so you can see what converts a prospect to a client.

Clay Gillespie, Managing Director, Financial Advisor & Portfolio Manager, RGF Integrated Wealth Management


Conducting Sales in A Virtual Environment

Most of us have been conducting business face to face for years.  We may have used technology in different phases of our practice but we are now thrown into a whole new world.  This round table will show you some virtual tools to not only continue to make sales but to thrive in a virtual environment.

Michael WallaceSenior Executive Vice President, Financial Services of America


How You Can Succeed by Conducting Virtual Seminars

Bryan Bibbo, Advisor, The JL Smith Group


Farming in a Virtual Environment

Jason Smith, President & CEO | Founder, Clarity 2 Prosperity


Choose from one of the following breakouts:


Radical Relevance: Sharpen Your Marketing Message to Win More Ideal Clients

Your prospects and clients are bombarded with messages from all directions.

To reach them, your messaging must hit the bullseye in their brain with a radically relevant to grab their attention and critically compelling to move them to take action.

How you and everyone in your firm perceives, believes in, and communicates your value is fundamental to your success. Radical Relevance is about bringing the Right Value Proposition, to the Right Market, communicated with the Right Message, at the Right Time.

It’s time for you to discover:

  • How to message your value proposition to attract just the right clients and repel the rest
  • How communicate what makes you different in a way that matters to your prospects
  • One huge mistake you might be making when you talk about your value
  • A process to find the bullseye (Right-Fit Clients™) for your business
  • 3 critical elements of a compelling value proposition
  • How to establish a reputation in one or more target markets the leads to new business

Bill CatesPresident, Referral Coach International


The ClearFP COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment Strategy)

Add a couple hundred thousand to your annual revenue and help your clients develop a backup tax free supplemental income stream. Inflation and Taxes are coming!


Tim Clairmont, Founder & CEO, Clear Financial Partners



When Life Disrupts Your Retirement Plans

People hate uncertainty. That’s why they ask questions like, ‘when will the stock market recover?’ They know we can’t answer that question, but are hoping for something that will make them feel better about the unknown. As advisors, we need to shift the conversation. When life changes dramatically, people struggle. Two of the disruptions are routines and relationships. Yes, watching your portfolio decline in a bear market is hard. But having to “stay at home” is even harder.

Susan Bradley, Founder, Sudden Money® Institute



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BRAINSTORM BREAKS - often the best conversations come from impromptu meetings with colleagues.  Throughout the day, we'll place small groups in a virtual room for face-to-face networking and brainstorming.  Have your webcam ready!


VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR - after a long day of virtual sessions, let's cheers to you!