5 Strategies to Songwriting AKA Building Valuable Relationships

When in Nashville . . . Learn valuable lessons from a CMA and ACM awarded song writer. In addition to being the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning supergroup Shenandoah, Jimmy Yeary has written more than two-thousand songs including Grammy winners, gold and platinum award winners, and nine number one singles. He will share lessons learned and experiences encountered during his career and the parallels of strategies of songwriting and building valuable relationships.

Speaker: Jimmy Yeary, Award-winning singer and songwriter

Growth Training: Multi-Million Dollar Life Insurance Sales & Strategy Session

In this session, you will have the opportunity to learn life insurance concepts & sales strategies from C2P’s top life insurance advisors. These advisors will share how they are positioning life insurance within The Bucket Plan and provide examples of recent cases so you can take these ideas back to your clients and grow your life insurance production!
In addition, we will have Marc Lauffenburger, head of Magellan Life share insight into the top products and resources available to you to help you write more life insurance.
To close out this great session, we will hold a “closed-door” session where Bryon Rice, Founder of Magellan, is going to have an “honest annuity conversation” where he shares detailed insight into what is going on inside of the insurance companies, their investment portfolios, and the crediting methods that are available to our clients today.



A Collaborative Approach of Your Future Advisory Business

The landscape of the registered investment adviser is expanding with more resources available today than ever before. In this session, we will discuss the decisions you have as an IAR including forming your own RIA, joining an established RIA such as Prosperity Capital Advisors, or being affiliated with a Broker Dealer. Shared will be research, product offerings, and strategies that are available on an RIA-only platform as well as the tradeoffs of establishing your own RIA or being affiliated with a Broker Dealer.  Also look forward to learning trends of what top RIAs in the US are working on and where we see the future of advisory business headed.

Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC  | C2P Enterprises


Spreads and Caps –Where are they going?

Tim Clairmont leads a panel discussion with industry representatives from Allianz and Pacific Life on the future of spreads and caps in this rising interest rate environment. How will they affect new products? How will they affect older products? Is it different for IUL vs. FIA? What do Allianz and Pacific Life see inside their crystal ball?

Speaker: Tim Clairmont, CFP®,  MSFS™, LACP™ | Clear Financial Partners



Tax Practice Mastermind Brainstorm

Join this exchange of hot, relevant, and innovative ideas by those with tax practices.  Share and learn successes, challenges, innovations, and unique ways of doing things to improve and enhance your practice.


Top 5 Roundtables

Finding the Right Fit: How to use Annuities and AUM in the Soon & Later Buckets

Have you ever tried to fit a square peg into a round hole?  Learn best practices on how to utilize different annuities and managed portfolios in the soon & later buckets.

Speaker: Bryan Bibbo, AIF, NSSA, BPC | JL Smith


Tax Free Income at a Whole New Level

Where do you save AFTER you have maxed out your 401k plans and Roth IRAs? Tim Clairmont and ClearFP Life share a strategy to help pre-55 clients generate a significant, tax-free, supplemental income stream in retirement. Simple, practical, everyday uses of premium finance.

Speaker: Tim Clairmont, CFP®,  MSFS™, LACP™ | Clear Financial Partners


Using “When You” Questions to Win Clients

Inertia is a powerful force to overcome. Greg Dillon will speak about using “When You” questions to eliminate the competition and help clients decide for themselves that you are the only one that can help them achieve their financial goals. 

Speaker: Greg Dillon, CFP®,  CFA®, NSSA, CLTC | OneTeam Financial


Validating Your Roth Conversion Recommendation

We all know the benefits of a Roth Conversion, but how do we quantify it for our clients? In this roundtable, Dave will share the exact proposal generated for his client using Tax Clarity & eMoney to mathematically validate how the advice given would create over 7 figures of tax-free assets for the client.

Speaker: Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC  | C2P Enterprises