Are you struggling to find prospects?

What about hiring high-quality team members?

We tackle that and more to help you find you attract and work with your ideal prospects, as well as hire your dream team.

Founder & CEO of The Chamberlin Group, Don Chamberlin has built a financial advisory firm that, even during the pandemic, experienced exponential growth, gathering $64 million in AUA in 2020. 

Don is sharing his 37 years of industry experience to help you:

  • Develop quality team leaders
  • Improve your marketing tactics
  • Attract your ideal prospects

...AND Deliver high-quality services that will lead you in the same direction of success.

Don Chamberlin, CFEd®, CFF®, CFEI
President | CEO | The Chamberlin Group


Don Chamberlin is a mentor and founding partner of C2P Enterprises, as well as president and CEO of The Chamberlin Group, a holistic financial advisory firm that offers tax preparation, financial planning and wealth management services. A Certified Financial Educator (CFEd®), Don has devoted over 30 years to helping residents of Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan learn about and plan for a comfortable retirement.

Don began his career in the industry as an insurance and securities salesman, where he worked for 17 years. In 2002, he opened his own independent financial advisory practice, The Chamberlin Group. It was there that he created his innovative tax planning and preparation model, which now serves nearly 2,500 clients each year. He has gone on to share and perfect this model with C2P Enterprises, helping other advisors provide more comprehensive services to clients and add new revenue streams to their businesses.