Whether they are live or virtual, seminars and workshops may be the best and most enjoyable way to grow your practice.  They not only tap into the insatiable need modern investors have for guidance, but they allow you to display your own skills and personality in a powerful light.  
The challenge is that they are not easy to do.  And natural speaking talent will only take you so far.  To make your workshops successful in today's competitive profession, you need a solid strategy.

This seminar will introduce you to a new paradigm for planning and implementing a highly successful seminar marketing strategy.  It will shave ten years and thousands of dollars off your learning curve.  Most important, it will increase the business results from your efforts immediately. 

Attend this seminar to learn:

  • 10 workshop rules you should always follow
  • the 9 critical emotions of great presentations
  • live or virtual...the benefits of each
  • 3 things to NEVER do in your workshop


Frank Maselli
Best-Selling Author & Speaker
President & CEO | The Frank Maselli Company, Inc.

Frank Maselli has personally delivered over 4,000 public seminars.  He has trained thousands of financial professionals in the art and science of presenting.  His best-selling book, Seminars: The Emotional Dynamic is now in its 4th edition and is widely considered to be the industry "bible" when it comes to all forms of financial presentations.  Whether you are brand new to workshops or you've done hundreds of programs, you will learn something valuable from his tools and training.