What do successful financial advisors consider a game changer when simplifying financial planning with their clients?

Attend this seminar to find out!

You'll hear from financial advisor firms that, combined, closed over $14 million in business last year using 3 easy-to-use tools.

These tools are proven, simplified, replicable, and effective ways you can bring on more assets.

Using these methods will allow you to:

  • Visually familiarize clients with the sequence of returns risk.
  • Explain asset allocation strategy in an easily understood manner.
  • Proactively identify your client's preconceived notions about investment options before making recommendations.
  • Be transparent with them on your compensation to remain DOL compliant.
  • Incorporate all assets into one comprehensive, cohesive, holistic plan.
  • Set your clients' minds at ease during volatile markets.

And because these tools are easily replicable, your whole team can use the same process, making your life a bit easier!


Attend this LIVE seminar, and you'll receive exclusive printable worksheets that you can start using with your clients right away!


Glen Pier, CFF®, BPC
Infinity Wealth Management


Lisa Chenet, CFF®, BPC
Vice President, Operations
CLP Financial Group Inc.


Kalem Mackey, CFP®, BPC
EVP of Advanced Planning
C2P Enterprises