What if you could acquire new customers almost instantly?

Adding a tax practice to your existing financial planning business will generate additional revenue and add new leads to your sales funnel.

You’re invited to take an exclusive look behind the curtain at one of our keynote presentations from December’s Mastermind Collegium in Miami. 

The MMC is a jam-packed 2-day event held twice each year for elite advisors to network and learn about best practices, new ideas, industry insights, and more.

Richard James, Founder & CEO of Financial Services of America, is an expert at acquisitions.

His team purchased 7 tax firms in just 3 years.

Attend this live event to see Richard discuss:

  • Buying relationships, not businesses
  • Purchasing tax firms even if you have no tax experience
  • Working on the company, not in the company
  • The best time of year to buy a tax practice
  • Doing your due diligence before acquiring a business
  • Inbound methods to get new clients and prospects

Join us on Wednesday, February 16th, for an exclusive live replay of Richard’s presentation: How to Buy a Tax Practice.

Richard James
Founder & CEO
Financial Services of America


After 4 very successful years in the insurance business, Richard started Financial Services of America in 1984 with the goal of assisting clients with every aspect of their financial lives - from insurance to investments, to tax planning, to retirement, and estate planning. Since then, thanks in large part to Richard's direction, FSA has grown to be one of the largest and most prestigious financial service companies in Michigan.